Detailed reports are available on demand or via regular email. These reports can be used for SARS tax purposes and expense claims.
Your site will show the real-time locaton of your vehicles, displayed on a map and/or a satellite image (provided by Google Maps)
How does this all work?
The tracking unit fitted to your vehicle receives signals from the GPS network of satellites. The position of the vehicle is calculated and this data is sent via the cell phone network to our servers.
As a user, you can then log-in from any internet PC or cellphone and access the data.
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How does this help me?
You log-in to your own InterTrack website to view the data from your vehicles. This data can be used in a number of ways.
Tracks for each vehicle can be displayed on the map so that you can see where they have been.
Up to 2 years worth of data will be available.
Alarms can also be setup for notification via SMS or email. Geofence excursions, speeding & temperature values can all be set to trigger alarms.
You can also view your vehicles location on your web enabled cell phone
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