Real time tracking - see your vehicles move on the map or satellite image
Real-Time Website Features
The heart of the InterTrack system is the real-time website server.
You can log-in here to view your vehicles in real-time.
Feature of this website include:

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Vehicle status such as speed, heading and other custom parameters
Geofences - setup virtual fences and be alerted when a vehicle goes in or out of the area
Setup views, roles and workspaces for different users so they can only see and do what is permitted
Customise the site layout to suit your application and users
Points of Interest - mark important locations on the map
Alerts - show alerts such as speeding and geofence infringements and receive SMS and email notifications
Generate detailed trip reports and receive them regularly via email. Useful for SARS reports and company travelling expense claims
Tracks - select vehicles and time period and see where they have been.
Street view - see the Google Street View of the selected vehicles location